Video Game YouTuber Dunkey Launches His Own Indie Publishing Company

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on Youtube YouTuber Jason ‘Dunkey’ Gastrow has announced his own indie game publishing company called Bigmode. In a five-minute upload on his YouTube channel, Gastrow explained how he feels he’s sat on the sidelines for too long waiting for “big games” to come along, and now wants to make a mark … Read more

Random: Kit and Krysta claim they were almost fired over Nuzlocke Pokemon Run

Image: Nintendo Life Well, here’s your ‘Bizarre News Story of the Week™’. In a clip posted on Twitter via the latest episode of the Kit and Krysta podcastthe ex-Nintendo employees received a question from one of their Patreon supporters about whether they had ever played a ‘Nuzlocke run’ of Pokemon. This prompted the two to … Read more