Medical Centers Available in Khartoum, Sudan

Khartoum has been the administrative capital of Sudan from 1956. The city was established on the side of Egyptians and took its name from the Arabic word meaning “elephant’s trunk,” which refers to the small strip of land that lies at the intersection of Blue Niles and the White Niles. The city is at an altitude of 390 m and has an arid and hot climate. Khartoum is actually made up of three distinct cities namely Khartoum, Omdurman and Khartoum North. The Khartoum North metropolitan area is the main economic hub of Sudan. With three universities, it’s also the Sudan’s largest educational center.The city has a limited amount of healthcare facilities, and hospitals that can provide medical services that meet international standards are very few. The majority of hospitals require for a payment prior to admission of patients. Here is a brief overview of the top hospital in Khartoum.

FEDAIL Hospitalis one of the top healthcare facility in Sudan it is located in Khartoum located at Alhwadith Street, P.O. Box: 311. The private hospital that was established in 1992 and has the capacity of 100 beds as well as 43 special clinics and some of the top doctors in the country. The hospital is located in a huge building with 10 floors, and is equipped with automated generators on standby, 4 lifts and facilities to filter water. Additionally, it houses central sterilization with its own laundry facilities and a kitchen that is modern. It has many accomplishments like it being the very first in Sudan to carry out the laparoscopic cholecystectomy as well as appendectomy and an operation to repair hiatal hernias using laparoscopic techniques and an endoscopy video camera. It’s also the very first hospital to implement advanced techniques for endoscopy. The surgery wing features five theater rooms fully equipped as well as several surgical units including general surgery orthopaedics, laparoscopic pediatric and vascular surgery. The maternity department is equipped with the most up-to-date facilities, including a modern birth suite as well as a infant the intensive treatment unit.The blood bank is located in the hospital and uses equipment made by Grifols (Spain) which works in accordance to international guidelines. Tel: +249-183-766661

Soba University Hospitalin Khartoum is another hospital of great importance in Sudan. The hospital is part of Sudan’s Ministry of Health and the oldest medical school in the nation. SUH is providing top-quality and cost-effective healthcare since the year 1975. SUH provides high-quality clinical, diagnostic , and surgical services across the most basic disciplines. Its staff includes renowned surgeons and physicians. The Internal Medicine unit includes 101 beds as well as facilities for dialysis in the peritoneal space. The hospital also has an obstetrics and geynecology department as well as a pediatric department and a division for surgery that provides cosmetic surgery services. SUH offers a modern emergency services ICUs, pharmacies along with a physiotherapy unit and an accredited blood banking. The majority of tests related to the fields of hematology, parasitology and biochemistry and bacteriology are conducted in the labs that are well-equipped. Telephone: 83383591

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