Factors That Affect Your Health Insurance Premium

Health insurances are typically designed to protect an individual’s health by providing financial support for expenses incurred in medical treatments that ranges from routine checks to more invasive procedures or hospitalizations. The reason people purchase insurance is to lower the risk of paying more out of their pockets to pay for medical treatment, however, the health insurance companies also assess their potential risk in providing coverage to an individual.

In order to determine the risk of a person being covered in the first place, insurance companies review the data they have stored to make risk profiles that determine whether or not to offer coverage and at what price. If insurance companies offer insurance, there are obvious elements that insurance companies take into the decision-making process when they decide on premium cost, which generally includes physical medical, lifestyle, and personal risk elements.

A few of the medical and physical risk factors that could influence health insurance are:

  • The mass of your body
  • Tobacco use
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Pre-existing medical health
  • History of the family

The majority of people with high body mass indexes have to pay more for insurance over those at normal levels. Obesity can cause diseases like sleep apnea, diabetes as well as joint and heart issues. Insurance companies could take note of this into consideration and charge an individual more for health insurance due to the increased risk for the diseases and medical conditions.

The nature of the client are also significant. Women typically have higher premiums for medical insurance than men, as they are more likely to see the doctor on a regular basis, are more likely to consume more prescription drugs and are more at likelihood of contracting certain chronic diseases. People who are younger tend to pay lower rates due to them being more likely to not visit the doctor as often and have less medical conditions that are diagnosed as well as being less likely experience health issues.

The medical conditions that are pre-existing and a family history may also influence the cost of health insurance premiums. If the insurance company notices the presence of a pre-existing medical condition in the risk factors of a person, they are aware that it could cost them. The insurance company might not provide coverage for the condition, however due to the fact that the person is more likely to develop more concerns related to the illness the insurer may increase the cost of premiums. Individuals with relatives with a background of cancer, or any other genetic ailments are likely to face increased costs.

Other elements that are usually considered are the lifestyle of the person who affects the cost of insurance. The activities of the client for a living may affect the cost of insurance. For instance, if your job is in a lab or factory where you’re exposed to dangerous chemicals or are at a higher risk of injury, then your health insurance is more expensive than if are employed in an office setting with a low danger for your wellbeing.

Companies that offer insurance take in account the health statistics and changes in certain areas. This means that the area in which you reside could affect your premiums. If their statistics show that the population is healthier in your particular area than other places, the cost of health insurance may be less than if you resided in an area considered to be an area with a high risk for health.

If you’re purchasing health insurance to the first time, and have been insured before, your premiums will be higher. Research has shown that people who are married have longer lives and are healthier people than those not married. This is the reason why married couples experience lower rates.


There are a variety of aspects that could affect the amount of your health insurance cost. While talking to your health insurance provider’s local independent agent, it is important to inquire about these aspects and the way they could affect the various options for coverage. HDFC The health insurance policies of ERGO are guaranteed that they will provide more benefits at low costs.

The article Sahil Doshi discusses the various aspects that need to be considered , and that could give the customer insight into the variables which affect the insurance cost.

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