Cigarette – A Blessing Or Curse?

I’ve heard and read numerous times about the same statement “The Federal Ministry of Health warns that smoking tobacco is harmful for our health” or “The federal health ministry warns that smokers are likely to live a long life”. In spite of all the warnings, within Nigeria for instance the production, sale and use of cigarettes is on the rise. It is no wonder that we continue to witness the demise of many young people throughout our country.

On March 3, 2005 the Nigerian Newspapernamed Tribunepublished news about the amount of smoking passively causes the death of. According to the newspaper that more than 11,000 people die each year across the United Kingdom much higher than previously believed according to the study by smoking passively. If this is the case for passive smoking only I was curious about how many people could have died from smoking cigarettes as an habit.The British Medical Journal study offers a figure of smokers dying from secondhand smoking in the workplace600 people per year in the very first instance.

The leading doctors have said that the findings confirmed that a complete prohibition of smoking in public areas was necessary. With the scientific evidence that is undisputed that smoking is now illegal, it is essential that regulations are put in place to safeguard people from being exposed to smoke from other smokers.

Researchers from University of Queensland in Australia. University of Queensland in Australia created the report based on the UK database of deaths, causes as well as the employment structure, households, and the levels of active smoking as well as the exposure of passive smokers. Their research yields shocking results. 2700 deaths between the ages between 20 and 64 may be linked to second-hand smoking, and 8000 deaths in older people aged 65 and over.

Tobaccois one of the primary ingredients in cigarettes- farming continues to grow , and the business is has been bringing in millions of dollars at the cost of the loss of loved ones we cherish. The tobacco industry is all over the world, but we continue to promote that they kill.

The next question is: If we are all aware and agree that smoking cigarettes is a curse, rather than being a blessing, then what is the reason we have been fooling ourselves by promoting useless products?

The government should urgently ban the production of cigarettes and any other related products like Indian hemp heroine, cocaine, etc. Stop fooling ourselves by pursuing a solution we know will fail.

Many have asked the reason God invented tobacco, if it is not his intention for smokers at all in first place.In my answer on this issue, I would be able to affirm the following: God made Tobacco for use for creating products that can aid man in the creation of e.g cure for diseases and not cause more problems to mankind because all things that God created is designed to serve mankind. Lot In the Bible days , used a piece of wine to insufflate himself, although that was not originally the intention of God.

We must stop this scourge in our role as Africans take the lead in the battle against this and become the model for other continents in identifying solutions to the challenges of deliquesces in children and young people. Africa is proud of its possession of a rich and well-maintained moral values. We must not allow the development of civilization to undermine our good values, norms or even the training of children and education that we are recognized for, even if different continents lost or destroyed their own. We should not risk our children’s future in order to be successful in a specific industry or product, or even not.

In the Journal I quoted above later concluded as follows “BMA chairman James Johnson said, As doctors, we are aware of the way second-hand smoke can cause death. I’m not sure what John Reid (the home secretary continues to offer public with half-measures regarding health. We require a complete ban now and immediately.”

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