Release deployment fix]Google Photos is messing up old backed up images for some users

Update (27/09/2022 @ 01:51 ET): Google issued a statement on the issue. Scroll down for more information. The article as published on September 26, 2022, is preserved below. Many Google Photos users have reported seeing artifacts in old backed-up images over the past few days. The problem appears to affect photos uploaded more than five … Read more

Tower of Fantasy reveals the next limited banner Simulacra in the lead up to the Vera release

The hits keep on coming for Tower of Fantasy fans. The next Simulacrum limited banner was recently revealed on the game’s official YouTube channel: players will be able to draw Cobalt-B on October 6th. She is a weapon designer who designs the Flaming Revolver, a Flame elemental close and mid-range firearm with multiple firing modes … Read more

These are the best budget track cars for beginners

Photo: Ford “Man, there are so many different schools of thought on what makes a good track car. FWD? AWD? RWD? There are probably four or five of each that would be perfect. Is it a DEDICATED track car, or something you track daily and also? It’s just so wide open. “But if I had … Read more

Life simulation game Sword and Fairy Inn 2 coming to Switch in late 2022; PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One in early 2023

Publisher eastasiasoft will release Soft Star Entertainment and Cube game-developed life simulation game Sword and Fairy Inn 2 for Switch over at the end of 2022, followed by PlayStation 5, Xbox series, PlayStation 4and Xbox one in early 2023, the company announced. Sword and Fairy Inn 2 first launched for PC via Steam on July … Read more

What Do You Want to Know About the Audi RS5 Competition?

Photo: Audi So you’ve got about $90,000 burning a hole in your pocket. You decide you want to spend it on something fast, comfortable and — most importantly — German. You see, you’re a discerning individual, someone of elevated taste and class, as people with $90,000 to throw around tend to be. What car should … Read more

This deluxe steam deck kickstand makes a big difference

Photo: Kotaku While the Steam deck, Valve’s revamped mini PC, offers a wealth of gaming experiences in a portable format, the lack of a kickstand was a sore spot. Go into the Cover measure: A simple plastic bracket that allows you to attach not only a very handy kickstand, but also various other specialized mounting … Read more

How do you feel about the future of Halo?

While once the talk of the town among FPS fans, over the years Halo’s popularity has wavered even among the most dedicated fans. From its inception, it helped push the FPS genre forward on home consoles and is often considered one of the gold standards for an FPS on consoles. We’ve seen countless sequels, prequels … Read more

Maybe Pixel Watch Bezels aren’t so bad

The teaser of the Pixel Watch’s design from Google which went up last week sure got some of us excited. It’s clear that Google has spent a lot of time refining the look of its first smartwatch to give it a unique yet premium style. However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The most common (and … Read more