2024 Mercedes-AMG C 63 SE Performance Delivers 671 HP, 752 Lb-Ft

Photo: Mercedes-AMG Bad news first: The V8 era at Mercedes-AMG is officially over. The roaring M177 4.0-liter twin-turbo eight-cylinder it is has powered every AMG 63 Series muscle machine since 2015 is not long after this earth. Here’s what will replace it: a Formula 1-inspired hybrid powertrain that gets married the world’s most powerful production … Read more

Scorn Looks Like Giger, But Can Play Like The Witness

Scorn feels like it’s teetering on the dirt-covered edge between “interestingly disturbing” and “willfully grotesque.” In the hour or so I play of the game – its completely tutorial-less opening section – I’m introduced to a truly unpleasant biotech environment, shown how it will link many opaque puzzles together to form neat chains of wordless … Read more

2K hacked, warns affected users to change all their saved passwords

Publisher 2K warned users against opening emails or clicking links from its support page after confirming it had been hacked. More than just a fraudulent account sending fake emails, 2K Support itself was compromised, with the hacker sending seemingly legitimate emails containing malicious links. 2K’s support website went offline as a result. If users have … Read more

New PS5 Reportedly Released in 2023 | GameSpot News – GS News Updates

Has the PlayStation 5 Slim been revealed? Plus, Nvidia’s new (expensive) graphics cards, new Cyberpunk updates for them, and another Marvel game announcement. All on today’s GameSpot News. A new version of the PlayStation 5 will be released in 2023 with a removable disc drive, according to a new report from Tom Henderson at Insider-Gaming. … Read more